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1. MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS. As of most of the countries around the world the adquisition of medical equipment by buyer required to have a licence or registration on your local comunity.
Buyer is responsable to clear its duties on local by the import of any medical equipment, seller is not responsible of any retention or confiscation of such medical equipment after the goods leaves our storage department.
Please be sure to have your necessary documentation in order with the local authorities or country. (know more at point 7)

The prices of the product purchased (the “Equipment”) in the listing are F.O.B. Nrcmedikal, (the “Seller”), UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE. All transportation, license fees, custom duties and other such charges shall be paid by Buyer and added to the total purchase price shown in the listing UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE. If applicable, there shall also be added to the prices shown on the listing the amount of any applicable sales, use or other taxes, however designated, levied or based on such prices or on this agreement or the sale or use of the Equipment, including state and local privilege or excise taxes based upon gross revenue, and any taxes or amounts in lieu thereof.
Any personal property taxes assessable on the Equipment after delivery to the carrier shall be borne by the Buyer. Terms are subject to change without notice. In the event that any item(s) are for any reason out of stock, discontinued, or not available for delivery, we will communicate or let you know.
If the User’s Manual is not included in the purchase price of the Equipment, it is the obligation of the end user of the Equipment to obtain the User’s Manual and other necessary operating documentation directly form the equipment manufacturer.
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